Friday, August 26, 2011

All that glitters is not sold

Newer words and newer phrases,
Let’s make some hue and some way.
You’d find words of pay.
 Read more here and you’ll set off, may.

Heartbreak here or heartbeat fear,
Come close dear and find me near.
You won’t love for what I tear,
Wrinkles tinkle no more beer.

Simple dimple come with, say
Laughter, joy when you may,
No more wiping for that I pay
For this and every other day.

Humpty dumpty were a bit tall,
All they hid was not a good call.
Humpty dumpty, fat and free.
Near and  dear to every tree.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Black Rose: An unending story.

[Adaptation]: There were no visitors in the rose garden at that hour, except one. This visitor was a girl. She wore a skirt that had an arrangement of spring flowers printed upon it. It was a tasteful print; the flowers almost looked alive upon it. She was sitting in some 100+ yards away and was absorbed in a book which appeared to be a novel. She had burgundy hair which looked pretty. Suddenly he felt the desire to talk to her for no obvious reason except that he was feeling cheerful and he wanted share his cheerfulness.
The girl had seen him without shifting her eyes. Women have this unmatched power of seeing men without moving their eyes much. Perhaps they use it as a protective measure for themselves. He got up and reached her. “Hello”, he said and sat down.
She said. “Hello”, without shifting her eyes from the book she was reading.
“Nice weather”   he said.
Now she turned her face towards him and said “Excuse me. Did you say something?”
“Yes, I said nice weather”
“Yes. The weather is nice.” She again absorbed herself to reading.
He looked at her from the corner of his eyes to assess whether she was a woman in bad mood or had something bad as an experience that changed her.  He pondered whether it was right to disturb such a woman.
He said, ‘I want to have a chat with you’
‘Chat about?’
She felt amused, and said coolly, “Haven’t we already chatted about the weather?”
“In that case now I would like to chat about the flowers.”

[P.S: Knowingly left unfinished] Comments are Welcome.