Monday, July 12, 2010

Paul we love you!

He’s an Octopus, a cute creature with tentacles and watery eyes in the sea! But then they say he has god-like powers of predicting match results. And sure they are correct! The 100% percent prediction record of the creature has made people amazed!
The creature shot to fame with predicting England loss against Germany and so it happened! Germany wins against Argentina followed by Germany loss against Spain! His said it all. Certainly he has some special powers as it seems as of now.
What remains is the final frontier for Paul. According to Paul Spain are going to become 2010 World champions! It’s just a matter of hours before we get to know that. Good luck Spain and Holland!
** With Love and Hugs **
For the beautiful creature (Paul)    

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  1. well things really turned to be true and this Octopussy did it again..Spain won..!!! Need to analyse how he did this..!!! Can ya help me..???