Saturday, July 17, 2010

Cyrus: Mind of a Serial Killer

A reporter and her cameraman are investigating the disappearances of three girls when they find someone who claims to have been a friend of the killer. There they begin their quest of making the friend to tell them about his friend the story about Cyrus the good guy.
Like any mid twenties guy he seemed to be a good at heart, quiet, shy well natured next door guy who also happens to run a little restaurant in the town. He had a girlfriend whom he later on married. One day he decided to give her a surprise, brought her to the suburbs of the city blindfolded to show her a new classic old style farmhouse which he had bought of the savings money together they had been gathering. On seeing her surprise she reacted in a unpleasant way and vented out abuses to him as she had never wanted a house so far away from the city. It was a great disappointment for him. Few years on and they had started living there in the new farmhouse with a baby, One day Cyrus comes to know of something previously not known  that secretly his wife had befriended one of her male colleagues at work to a objectionable extent. He finds them having Sex at his home in his absence.
The film is supposed to be based on true facts but I have no idea what specific case that would be. He secretly watches them and when he had no power to resist takes out a sharp weapon and stabs the male repeatedly over the same spot causing him to die on the instant. He then while venting out anger on his wife chokes her to death. Being a emotional mess he was from childhood had been just been empowered.  
Cyrus comes from a demented upbringing by his prostitute mother and when he grows up and gets married his wife ends up cheating on him. After he’s dispatched with her and her lover his reign as a serial killer begins. Next day life resumes normally at his restaurant, he opens his shop on usual time   with the only difference being he was feeding his victims to the townspeople with a meat very deeply roasted he calls roadkill. Makes a tasty burger apparently!
Serial killers according to the doctors are like the kind of guy who lives at the end of your street or flats and never causes problems until you find out he slaughtered everyone in sight and people start saying I should have seen it coming. Treat him nicely and he can be a kind man, cross him and he’s a cold-blooded killer. These guys seem to be the most extraordinarily ordinary guys of our neighborhood who just pass around us giving plain sweet smiles and you had never noticed anything unusual about them otherwise.
This is basically like traveling to a place you’ve been hundreds of times but taking a road you don’t travel often. You know where you’re going to end up but the ride there is different enough to help pass the time. I think it’s worth a watch just to see Henriksen in a role where he doesn’t seem so over the top.
WARNING: Well that was for the brave hearted ones. And for those who don’t like brutal killings I would strongly recommend DO NOT WATCH OR AVOID THIS MOVIE.
Won’t give any ratings. Censored restrictions “A” certified.


  1. not only guys...but girls also grow obsessed and one shining day..they turn themselves inside out and release the HYDE in the society...These kinda people have a different type of mentality as you have already set up an example (This is basically like traveling to a place you’ve been hundreds of times but taking a road you don’t travel often.)Exactly this is the way the serial killers go where others don't..take example of some of the greatest cunning minds thorughout the Pedro Alonso Lopez, Henry Lee Lucas, Moses Sithole, Gary Ridgeway (Better known to most people as The Green River Killer) and for more, watch Perfume-The Story Of A Murderer...

    In the pathetic words of serial killer Ted Bundy "We serial killers are your sons, we are your husbands, we are everywhere. And there will be more of your children dead tomorrow."

  2. Gosh ! missed out watching Perfume. I had that movie in my lappy some time back but never saw it.
    Nevermind I will certainly see it from somewhere though !

    Absolutely right Da .. these peoples are our close ones only! Well said, it seems very much ur subject,going by your info base. Love watching these movies myself too ! Its actually quite refreshing to see those deadly scenes as compared to same old style traditional blurred up killing in general movies.