Tanny.. my Brother !
Well here he's posing for the Shot ! Luking a little wet :P

                                                               Tanmoy and Archisman
                                                              "Sharing a Cosy Moment"


Cybersun~1~n nly (Sunny Rays) Showing some hair ..

          Vicky Getting felicitated ! ^_^

THE "most Important pic" Best Buddies
Sukant ~ Sourabh ~ Anand ~ Tapesh ~ Abhishek ~ Javed

                                                               Need for me to say more ?


                                                   Dip's and Deb..mwaahzz.. !!


"Govind"  my bestest buddy cum bro !

  Bachada a.k.a Avishek big bro! Chillaxing as always :D

                                                Freinds behaving quite formally ~`~