Thursday, July 15, 2010

Are there really seven persons who look alike on earth?

In history it has been said by some great personalities that almost every person on this earth has his/her lookalike that is another person looking the same as I do or as you do. For example, I am reminding of all those celebrity lookalikes who are making a living based on their facial similarities with a famous person.
Amitabh Bachan,Aamir Khan, Shah Rukh Khan all have their respective lookalikes. This reminds me of Harman Baweja who is said to be Hrithik Roshan’s lookalike. Lol! He certainly appears like HR from certain angles that’s for sure! Nevermind those Celebrities I am wondering about my own lookalike where or how does he look similar to me? Sometimes makes me wonder. What if someday we meet? Would I be called his lookalike or he be mine? Well answer would be quite simple he would my lookalike!
It has been said that there exist seven persons looking the same in different parts of the world. In some cases it might not be exact same piece but with few striking features. In the past we have been  concerned about Rebirths, a person getting a second birth. In rural parts of India it is still believed quite critically. Personally I do have some belief over the issue though I am not deeply superstitious but I think there may be some chance that a person is born again in same region or something (Though I am not inspired by only those numerous Hindi movies, serials made on the subject Loads of books,astrologers have also pointed out the same)
Recently a person recognized more widely as “Obama’s Lookalike” has been found in Indonesia. Being a photographer by profession he is not recognized by his name rather by his face. Ilham as he is named says he is often mistaken for Obama and people ask to take pictures with him.
Well this was just another example of numerous such still to be unearthed cases. If you know anything more on this subject or you would like to add, you are most welcome to comment!   


  1. Sammy...I already found two of my look-alike in this country only (though I didn't go to meet them personally)...waiting for rest four throughout the world...hoping to start a new kind of ORDER OF THE PHOENIX...Lol!!!

  2. oh! already found two ?? Grt pretty fast !
    You will find more lookalikes certainly then lol.
    Me yet to find one,but there was a guy who seemed like me from a certain angle whom my ex-roommate saw.He later said.

  3. Dats great guys... m Ricky in goa n hv known 2 look alikes myself... bt ders quiet an age difference betwn me n d two i found... one ws in ma neighbourhood who ws abt 3-4 years youngr to me... n another ma gym instructor who looks xactly lyk me bt is 3-4 yrs older dan me... i neva knew abt dis 7 faces theory b4... evry1 in ma gym noticed our similar faces n told me abt it....