Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Interview Paradigm’s

Long queue outside, HR’s positioned inside, volunteers hovering around, names forwarded and the interviewee enters the room upon getting the call, comes in draws the chair.
Interviewee: May I have a seat sir?
HR: Sure! Have a seat.
Interviewee: Good Morning Sir!
HR: Good Morning!
Interviewee: (Smiles back)
HR: So tell me what are your subjects of proficiency?
Interviewee: Sir, Networking, Operating System (Specifically Linux)
HR: Okay, Tell me about the different Layers of OSI model !
Interviewee: Sir, There are Seven layers ………etc (names said)
HR: Write the names! Draws a paper forward.
Interviewee: Takes the paper and writes the names. Adds that the order of the layers might be inappropriate.
HR: No problem !
HR: Where are you originally from? Tell me are you homesick at all?
Interviewee:  No sir, I stay in the boy’s hostel which is away from my home so am already adjusted.
HR:  Didn’t you have any problem adjusting here at first?
Interviewee: (In a dilemma inside, thought wouldn't lie)
 Initially I had problems adjusting to the food but later on got used to it, and now its fun.
HR: Tell me about Address and Data bus !
Interviewee: Said
HR: Can you pictorially define it ?
Interviewee: Gathers the pen and paper and starts thinking !
HR: Can you really do it ?
Interviewee: cannot recall at this point sir !
HR: No problem!
HR: Why do we use the checksum field in data transfer mechanism?
Interviewee: Said (for error detection and correction) HR wanted elaboration ..so said a few more lines.
HR: If  someday we bother to relocate you would you be comfortable?
Interviewee: Sure Sir! I think I have good enough communication skills to make friends and get accustomed to situations.    
HR:(Gives a smile)
HR:  Okay,Tell me about your hobbies !
Interviewee:  Sir, My hobbies include Meeting and interacting with friends, Surfing the internet, playing computer games .
HR: What you surf on the internet? Facebook ?
Interviewee: Yes sir ofcourse, but besides that I do also keep track of the news, latest softwares available for downloads , Web designing stuffs, various email based sites etc
HR: Okays.
HR: What are CPU cycles and I/O cycles? Which according to you is more important and why?
Interviewee: Said
HR: Are you satisfied with your answer ? Like are you confident ?
Interviewee: says yes am confident!
HR: Okays,done !
Interviewee: Have a nice day sir.
HR: Thanks, You too have a nice day. It was a Pleasure meeting you. Take care.

Well most people Post successful interviews but sadly in this case it wasn’t to be. Here the Interviewee was me and the HR,well I do not know his name. A Subtle and nice gentleman.

My faults in a summary
*Presented myself as a not-so-Confident, tensed candidate to the HR.
*There was a pattern in my interview, which some of you might have noticed regarding me adjusting to a new place. Rather relocating myself. The HR somehow had a permanent impression that I would struggle to adjust to newer places.(Inspite of me trying hard to override that notion)
*Appeared a little Over-Polite and not commanding,lacking attitude.
* Voice clarity not perfect.
My Improvement areas for next interview :
·         Represent a confident me.
·         Voice clarity
·         A deterministic yet strong voice
·         Don't need to be overtly honest.

After this Interview I also appeared for a second MNC where I couldn’t reach the PI’s sadly to prove my improvement. Nevertheless Failures do point out more areas of my weaknesses to lay stress upon,and time to gather oneself again. Hoping to do it the next time.
As a reader do not forget to post your thoughts marking areas of re-improvement you’ve noticed in me.


  1. lol...u are inspiring me!! ....thank you!! :)

  2. oh my! really ? Well keep doing what you do best and times will surely change .. at least thats the belief i m having now :)
    Wish i had a "Like Comment" button here too :)

  3. yah.. i hav d same problem.. ur experience will help me.. thank you

  4. Read your interview thoroughly. I don't see any reasons for rejection.People who had 10 times worse interview luckily got selected. So, just carry on man!!! There are many who got selected in IIM A after being rejected from S.P.Jain.I hope you understand :)....my best wishes always and any support u need bro

  5. @Sandipan Your welcome ..

    @Manu Quite an example...!! Well yeah..looking ahead now, thanks bro

  6. hey sammy...seriously! i mean it. n am thinking of putting up my interview as well. mine wasnt bad either...but i guess my HR just didnt want to "like" me!! lol.
    n its true...guys who gave much worse interviews got through...our time will come buddy...!! till then lets keep inspiring each other!! :)

  7. Yeah sure! share your interview experience too on your blog!
    I guess if we would've been selected then in midst of joy we might have well ignored the weaker aspects which do need improvement.

    I would say our HR's were a bit "lazy" in getting us :)
    well..Lucky people always exist among us..ki r korte pari..
    bas i believe in the saying
    "Jo bhi hota hai ache ke liye he hota hai" :)
    bas have faith n everythng will happen wen u reach ur fates destination :)