Thursday, July 1, 2010

My Lusty Desires !

My list of things to do before dying, happy moments or things that will happen.It’s all a part of life.
I’ll ** it if It’s done already!!!
- win a contest
- “Go-Outside” places of great desire..
- see the eiffel tower
- Adapt a Pet(Dog/Cat)
- serve in a MNC
- go on a mission(huge)
- be truly, 100% in love
- help build a habitat for humanities
- have a baby (Well after some time though !)
- go skinny dipping**(eek! you dont want to know )
- sing a song to someone i love to get them to come back to me (like in the movies)
- save someones life . . .
-overcome something and write an inspirational book about it
-publish a book**
- Have a Well-Shaped body !
- Graduate from college (it wud be BCET as it seems now)
- spell college right without looking it up in the dictionary
- cry from laughing too hard**
- dance in the rain and catch it on film ( i Sooo wanna learn dancing..)
- be in a movie**
- befriend a stranger**
- go sky diving
- ride a horse on the beach
-stay friends with someone for life
- die only in the arms of someone I love
- have my foot pop when i’m being kissed
-travel to at least 7 different countries, on at least 5 continents
- play a boring video game, just to make someone happy**
- have two girls fight over sorry for this one !!
- stop thinking about Kristen Stewart (like that’ll ever happen)
- name my child ____ (Secret not decided..hehe)
- one of the times when i practice writing my name with her name, have it be for real
-change someones life for the better
- meet someone important in my life in a weird way
- meet the president
-cry myself to sleep **
-miss someone i know will never come back**


  1. To stop thinking about Kristen Stewart is impossible...stopping the fight of that "two girls" is next to the way..which two girls u r talking about..??? :P

  2. hmm the easiest is befriending a stranger and adopting a pet well i might even offer some help in building the shelter....make a beginning destinations not far away..