Friday, August 26, 2011

All that glitters is not sold

Newer words and newer phrases,
Let’s make some hue and some way.
You’d find words of pay.
 Read more here and you’ll set off, may.

Heartbreak here or heartbeat fear,
Come close dear and find me near.
You won’t love for what I tear,
Wrinkles tinkle no more beer.

Simple dimple come with, say
Laughter, joy when you may,
No more wiping for that I pay
For this and every other day.

Humpty dumpty were a bit tall,
All they hid was not a good call.
Humpty dumpty, fat and free.
Near and  dear to every tree.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Black Rose: An unending story.

[Adaptation]: There were no visitors in the rose garden at that hour, except one. This visitor was a girl. She wore a skirt that had an arrangement of spring flowers printed upon it. It was a tasteful print; the flowers almost looked alive upon it. She was sitting in some 100+ yards away and was absorbed in a book which appeared to be a novel. She had burgundy hair which looked pretty. Suddenly he felt the desire to talk to her for no obvious reason except that he was feeling cheerful and he wanted share his cheerfulness.
The girl had seen him without shifting her eyes. Women have this unmatched power of seeing men without moving their eyes much. Perhaps they use it as a protective measure for themselves. He got up and reached her. “Hello”, he said and sat down.
She said. “Hello”, without shifting her eyes from the book she was reading.
“Nice weather”   he said.
Now she turned her face towards him and said “Excuse me. Did you say something?”
“Yes, I said nice weather”
“Yes. The weather is nice.” She again absorbed herself to reading.
He looked at her from the corner of his eyes to assess whether she was a woman in bad mood or had something bad as an experience that changed her.  He pondered whether it was right to disturb such a woman.
He said, ‘I want to have a chat with you’
‘Chat about?’
She felt amused, and said coolly, “Haven’t we already chatted about the weather?”
“In that case now I would like to chat about the flowers.”

[P.S: Knowingly left unfinished] Comments are Welcome.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Confusing Realization

What is the definition of Superstition? Is it having to step back when a black cat crosses the road or when someone sneezes at a time when you’re about to do something important. Neither of the them seem any cause of turbulence to me. I believe when we do something very desiring to our heart we tend to consider these meaningless signs of existence.
Well, having said that I might not be a follower of my own opinion. Two days back as I was on my way to an important interview near a crowded flyover the speed of our cab got suddenly reduced by the traffic, as there were many vehicles ahead that had slowed down as well. As we went along I discovered the reason for slowing down was that a street dog had been crossing the road just after waking up from a night’s sleep had been brutally crushed by a speeding car just  a few seconds before. The dog lay in a bloody mess still alive struggling to move an inch (probably had a broken lower backbone, two broken legs one of which was so badly damaged that it had been bent in a wrong way ).

Every day in our lives we commit sins knowingly, sometimes unknowingly. I had a pity on him and went ahead with my cab as it had been almost my reporting time. Few among us call themselves animal lovers like me but do not care to help at the right time, I messed up my opportunity at the interview, missed my turn to help a dying living being. To say the least I do not know what happened to the dog afterwards, probably would have died few minutes later. But I do hope someone would have helped the creature.      

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Interview Paradigm’s

Long queue outside, HR’s positioned inside, volunteers hovering around, names forwarded and the interviewee enters the room upon getting the call, comes in draws the chair.
Interviewee: May I have a seat sir?
HR: Sure! Have a seat.
Interviewee: Good Morning Sir!
HR: Good Morning!
Interviewee: (Smiles back)
HR: So tell me what are your subjects of proficiency?
Interviewee: Sir, Networking, Operating System (Specifically Linux)
HR: Okay, Tell me about the different Layers of OSI model !
Interviewee: Sir, There are Seven layers ………etc (names said)
HR: Write the names! Draws a paper forward.
Interviewee: Takes the paper and writes the names. Adds that the order of the layers might be inappropriate.
HR: No problem !
HR: Where are you originally from? Tell me are you homesick at all?
Interviewee:  No sir, I stay in the boy’s hostel which is away from my home so am already adjusted.
HR:  Didn’t you have any problem adjusting here at first?
Interviewee: (In a dilemma inside, thought wouldn't lie)
 Initially I had problems adjusting to the food but later on got used to it, and now its fun.
HR: Tell me about Address and Data bus !
Interviewee: Said
HR: Can you pictorially define it ?
Interviewee: Gathers the pen and paper and starts thinking !
HR: Can you really do it ?
Interviewee: cannot recall at this point sir !
HR: No problem!
HR: Why do we use the checksum field in data transfer mechanism?
Interviewee: Said (for error detection and correction) HR wanted elaboration said a few more lines.
HR: If  someday we bother to relocate you would you be comfortable?
Interviewee: Sure Sir! I think I have good enough communication skills to make friends and get accustomed to situations.    
HR:(Gives a smile)
HR:  Okay,Tell me about your hobbies !
Interviewee:  Sir, My hobbies include Meeting and interacting with friends, Surfing the internet, playing computer games .
HR: What you surf on the internet? Facebook ?
Interviewee: Yes sir ofcourse, but besides that I do also keep track of the news, latest softwares available for downloads , Web designing stuffs, various email based sites etc
HR: Okays.
HR: What are CPU cycles and I/O cycles? Which according to you is more important and why?
Interviewee: Said
HR: Are you satisfied with your answer ? Like are you confident ?
Interviewee: says yes am confident!
HR: Okays,done !
Interviewee: Have a nice day sir.
HR: Thanks, You too have a nice day. It was a Pleasure meeting you. Take care.

Well most people Post successful interviews but sadly in this case it wasn’t to be. Here the Interviewee was me and the HR,well I do not know his name. A Subtle and nice gentleman.

My faults in a summary
*Presented myself as a not-so-Confident, tensed candidate to the HR.
*There was a pattern in my interview, which some of you might have noticed regarding me adjusting to a new place. Rather relocating myself. The HR somehow had a permanent impression that I would struggle to adjust to newer places.(Inspite of me trying hard to override that notion)
*Appeared a little Over-Polite and not commanding,lacking attitude.
* Voice clarity not perfect.
My Improvement areas for next interview :
·         Represent a confident me.
·         Voice clarity
·         A deterministic yet strong voice
·         Don't need to be overtly honest.

After this Interview I also appeared for a second MNC where I couldn’t reach the PI’s sadly to prove my improvement. Nevertheless Failures do point out more areas of my weaknesses to lay stress upon,and time to gather oneself again. Hoping to do it the next time.
As a reader do not forget to post your thoughts marking areas of re-improvement you’ve noticed in me.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

5 Stunts you must do in real life

Note: This Post is inspired originally from a show on MTV; I am presenting this Spiced-up article purely because I loved the show. These stunts are free spirited and you had enjoyed performing them. No Reader discrimination.
1. CLASS BUNKING: Walk out of the class in front of the teacher as if you don’t care his/her presence! Unlike the mentos advertisement entering class stealthily,the stunt is to walk out arrogantly. 
2. WATCH RAAVAN FROM START TO END: This one’s a really tough one though! Surely not for the faint of heart. You need some guts to be the achiever. Better prepare for the worst beforehand.
3. WATCH A FULL MOVIE IN A HOUSEFUL THEATRE WITHOUT TICKET: By Houseful I don’t mean Sajid’s movie though! It would be fun watching the movie from some persons lap in the hall. And if it’s difficult to continue sitting on the same lap for hours you might switch to the next person preferably a “she”.
4. DATE YOUR FRIENDS GIRLFRIEND/BOYFRIEND: Look for the perfect timing when your friend is away and that his girlfriend is feeling lonely offer her to go on a date with you.

CAUTION: This stunt can turn nasty in many ways, so you better take precautions beforehand!

5. GIFTING YOUR GIRLFRIEND A WRAPPED EMPTY BOX ON B’DAY: This one’s an easy one, depending upon the scenario! Though can get violent with some, so I suggest before attempting this you had perform some research operations. And yeah do wear a helmet!

Question Mark

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Cyrus: Mind of a Serial Killer

A reporter and her cameraman are investigating the disappearances of three girls when they find someone who claims to have been a friend of the killer. There they begin their quest of making the friend to tell them about his friend the story about Cyrus the good guy.
Like any mid twenties guy he seemed to be a good at heart, quiet, shy well natured next door guy who also happens to run a little restaurant in the town. He had a girlfriend whom he later on married. One day he decided to give her a surprise, brought her to the suburbs of the city blindfolded to show her a new classic old style farmhouse which he had bought of the savings money together they had been gathering. On seeing her surprise she reacted in a unpleasant way and vented out abuses to him as she had never wanted a house so far away from the city. It was a great disappointment for him. Few years on and they had started living there in the new farmhouse with a baby, One day Cyrus comes to know of something previously not known  that secretly his wife had befriended one of her male colleagues at work to a objectionable extent. He finds them having Sex at his home in his absence.
The film is supposed to be based on true facts but I have no idea what specific case that would be. He secretly watches them and when he had no power to resist takes out a sharp weapon and stabs the male repeatedly over the same spot causing him to die on the instant. He then while venting out anger on his wife chokes her to death. Being a emotional mess he was from childhood had been just been empowered.  
Cyrus comes from a demented upbringing by his prostitute mother and when he grows up and gets married his wife ends up cheating on him. After he’s dispatched with her and her lover his reign as a serial killer begins. Next day life resumes normally at his restaurant, he opens his shop on usual time   with the only difference being he was feeding his victims to the townspeople with a meat very deeply roasted he calls roadkill. Makes a tasty burger apparently!
Serial killers according to the doctors are like the kind of guy who lives at the end of your street or flats and never causes problems until you find out he slaughtered everyone in sight and people start saying I should have seen it coming. Treat him nicely and he can be a kind man, cross him and he’s a cold-blooded killer. These guys seem to be the most extraordinarily ordinary guys of our neighborhood who just pass around us giving plain sweet smiles and you had never noticed anything unusual about them otherwise.
This is basically like traveling to a place you’ve been hundreds of times but taking a road you don’t travel often. You know where you’re going to end up but the ride there is different enough to help pass the time. I think it’s worth a watch just to see Henriksen in a role where he doesn’t seem so over the top.
WARNING: Well that was for the brave hearted ones. And for those who don’t like brutal killings I would strongly recommend DO NOT WATCH OR AVOID THIS MOVIE.
Won’t give any ratings. Censored restrictions “A” certified.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Are there really seven persons who look alike on earth?

In history it has been said by some great personalities that almost every person on this earth has his/her lookalike that is another person looking the same as I do or as you do. For example, I am reminding of all those celebrity lookalikes who are making a living based on their facial similarities with a famous person.
Amitabh Bachan,Aamir Khan, Shah Rukh Khan all have their respective lookalikes. This reminds me of Harman Baweja who is said to be Hrithik Roshan’s lookalike. Lol! He certainly appears like HR from certain angles that’s for sure! Nevermind those Celebrities I am wondering about my own lookalike where or how does he look similar to me? Sometimes makes me wonder. What if someday we meet? Would I be called his lookalike or he be mine? Well answer would be quite simple he would my lookalike!
It has been said that there exist seven persons looking the same in different parts of the world. In some cases it might not be exact same piece but with few striking features. In the past we have been  concerned about Rebirths, a person getting a second birth. In rural parts of India it is still believed quite critically. Personally I do have some belief over the issue though I am not deeply superstitious but I think there may be some chance that a person is born again in same region or something (Though I am not inspired by only those numerous Hindi movies, serials made on the subject Loads of books,astrologers have also pointed out the same)
Recently a person recognized more widely as “Obama’s Lookalike” has been found in Indonesia. Being a photographer by profession he is not recognized by his name rather by his face. Ilham as he is named says he is often mistaken for Obama and people ask to take pictures with him.
Well this was just another example of numerous such still to be unearthed cases. If you know anything more on this subject or you would like to add, you are most welcome to comment!   


Yea! “The free Encyclopedia that anyone can Edit” as they say.

 Jimmy Donal "Jimbo" Wales‘s creation Wikipedia. He had earlier formed encyclopedia Nupedia and gradually enhanced it to its successor, Wikipedia. In 2001, together with Larry Sanger and others, Wales helped launch Wikipedia

Makes my and your homework .

My Dictionary cum Research about anything base.

If it wasn't for Wikipedia, so many innocent children would have been butchered by evil demonic teachers.

So many Journalists would have been axed halfway through reports due to lack of proper Information.

I freaking Wikipedia.

No, you may NOT edit this post. Yeah all that information there through which we made our college presentations, reports Wikipedia is Our generations Guru!

Paying a Tribute to the makers of Wikipedia (though they are not dead! Lol )

Monday, July 12, 2010

Paul we love you!

He’s an Octopus, a cute creature with tentacles and watery eyes in the sea! But then they say he has god-like powers of predicting match results. And sure they are correct! The 100% percent prediction record of the creature has made people amazed!
The creature shot to fame with predicting England loss against Germany and so it happened! Germany wins against Argentina followed by Germany loss against Spain! His said it all. Certainly he has some special powers as it seems as of now.
What remains is the final frontier for Paul. According to Paul Spain are going to become 2010 World champions! It’s just a matter of hours before we get to know that. Good luck Spain and Holland!
** With Love and Hugs **
For the beautiful creature (Paul)    

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Hello ? Who is it ?

Me: “Hello”
Him: “Raju bhai?”
Me: “Wrong number”
2 minutes later...
Me: “Hello”
Him: “Raju bhai?”
Me: “Maine aap ko kaha na wrong number hai”
Him: “Mujhe kursiyo ki welding ka order diya hai aur ye number diya tha. Abhi aap bolo main kya karu?”
Me: “Arey bhaiya ye wrong number hai, main kya karu?”
Him: “Abhi aap batao main kya karu, mujhe to yehi number diya hai na, abhi aap aao, paise do aur kursiya le jao”
Me: “AS@F*DS#D%SS:D^AF”(in mind)
Him: “Hello chup ho gye…. boliye ?? kya kia jay ?”
Me: “acha thik hai aap apna address bataiye main paise leke aata hoon”
Him: “par aap kyun denge.. aap toh abhi bole wrong number hai !”
Me: “hmm wo Raju bhai ne kaha bolne ko ki aapka phne aaye toh bolne wrong number hai !”
Him: “Raju ko phne do !! “
Me: “wo toh bahar nikal gye “
Him: “bill pe jo address dia hua hai aap wahin pe ho na??”
Me: “haan”
Him: “Thik hai main aadmi bhejta hoon.. paise lene”
Me:  “ji bhejiye “

Friday, July 9, 2010

Robert Pattinson taking over from Daniel Radcliffe ?

Robert Pattinson born on May 13, 1986, in London, England has been one of the biggest crush-generating hunks of our times. Heres some trivia for those of you who aren’t aware that this delicious dude has also acted in two Harry Potter movies, “The Order of the Phoenix” and the “Goblet of Fire” as Cedric Diggory. Now enough of the info stuff let me concentrate more on the comparison of him and Daniel Radcliff. Are there any? Well both are not exactly from opposite genres of movie are they? One is from magic world while the other from Vampire city. Both fiction tales (Which apparently isn’t quite unreal for imaginative minds..Like me!)

As kids we had been used to watching and reading all the stuff that came out concerning Harry potter that J.K Rowling cooked. And we did love it more than many others of the same time. Suddenly we were entrusted upon us a much more realistic yet unreal romance-cum love affair. This to an extent seemed quite connecting to our (or at least most) fantasies!  
Stephanie Meyer had gifted to the world a new dimension of the lives of Vampires and wolves. Depicted in a manner that showed a different sphere of their lives as compared to the movies previously released !

As we approach a supposed end of a Harry Potter era with the final movie coming out later this year.  The third-part of the Twilight series ECLIPSE awaits us!    
  Does this appear as omen to Harry? Or is he planning to appear in a Twilight series movies sometime later as Robert did! This remains to be seen Daniel and Robert again in a same movie.
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Thursday, July 8, 2010


The FIFA world Cup started off quite smoothly for me being an Argentina fan, it was a comfortable situation for all Argentinean fans. Being touted as one of the favorites to win the tourney! But little did we know that we were in for a shock in the quarterfinals.
                      FIFA world cup 2010 has been a world cup of shocks, specifically for the South-American Giants. Until the pre-quarterfinals it seemed to be quite even on Continental comparisons with Europe, but soon the scenario changed and all the South American teams were one after another knocked-out by their European counterparts. Speaking of Europe there had been shocks upfront in the group stage for them. Defending champion Italy and also one of the favorites France were beaten badly by the weaker teams.
Talking of Europe brings into mind a team which has clearly surprised many by its Defensive line, tactical ability and also its goal scoring form. Spain for a change has knocked most teams dead this time around in the world cup. Starting off its journey with a loss against Switzerland they have recovered almost unimaginably to book a place into the finals beating Germany in a wonderful match. Another European surprise package has been Netherlands, Beating Brazil 2-1 in the quarterfinals was only a dream beforehand but they came they saw and they conquered the mighty Brazilians. It all boils down to one match, the finals between Spain and Netherlands. We are assured of having a first time champion ! How cool na ?

 2010 World Cup final  SPAIN V/S HOLLAND ! Whose side are you in?  

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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Chewing Gum Like Sticky Facts !

Well the ten facts below are NOT Treasured by me,nor have I discovered them ! It's just some fun trivia which I found and thought would be fun to share.

1. Mosquito repellents don't repel. They hide you. The spray blocks the mosquito's sensors so they don't know you're there. 

2. No piece of paper can be folded in half more than 7 times. 

3. The first product to have a bar code was Wrigley's gum.

4. The plastic things on the end of shoelaces are called aglets.

5.  Elephants are the only animals that can't jump. 

6.  A duck's quack doesn't echo and no one knows why.

7.  No word in the English language rhymes with 'MONTH.' 

8. Our eyes are always the same size from birth, but our nose and ears never stop growing. SCARY!!! 

9.  'Go', is the shortest complete sentence in the English language. 

10. If Barbie were life-size, her measurements would be 39-23-33. She would stand seven feet, two inches tall. Barbie's full name is Barbara Millicent Roberts. 

Well Personally speaking Loved the last Fact ! LOL ! On a serious note in life sometimes we do need some useless trivia to lure others and Show-off our useless Database. 

Thursday, July 1, 2010

" Romantic Inclination "

"When you are in love, you want to see love all around you even on your desktop, so here are some wallpapers that will surely attract you if you understand what the feeling of love is. Here's Helping my friends who are in love"

My Lusty Desires !

My list of things to do before dying, happy moments or things that will happen.It’s all a part of life.
I’ll ** it if It’s done already!!!
- win a contest
- “Go-Outside” places of great desire..
- see the eiffel tower
- Adapt a Pet(Dog/Cat)
- serve in a MNC
- go on a mission(huge)
- be truly, 100% in love
- help build a habitat for humanities
- have a baby (Well after some time though !)
- go skinny dipping**(eek! you dont want to know )
- sing a song to someone i love to get them to come back to me (like in the movies)
- save someones life . . .
-overcome something and write an inspirational book about it
-publish a book**
- Have a Well-Shaped body !
- Graduate from college (it wud be BCET as it seems now)
- spell college right without looking it up in the dictionary
- cry from laughing too hard**
- dance in the rain and catch it on film ( i Sooo wanna learn dancing..)
- be in a movie**
- befriend a stranger**
- go sky diving
- ride a horse on the beach
-stay friends with someone for life
- die only in the arms of someone I love
- have my foot pop when i’m being kissed
-travel to at least 7 different countries, on at least 5 continents
- play a boring video game, just to make someone happy**
- have two girls fight over sorry for this one !!
- stop thinking about Kristen Stewart (like that’ll ever happen)
- name my child ____ (Secret not decided..hehe)
- one of the times when i practice writing my name with her name, have it be for real
-change someones life for the better
- meet someone important in my life in a weird way
- meet the president
-cry myself to sleep **
-miss someone i know will never come back**