Friday, July 9, 2010

Robert Pattinson taking over from Daniel Radcliffe ?

Robert Pattinson born on May 13, 1986, in London, England has been one of the biggest crush-generating hunks of our times. Heres some trivia for those of you who aren’t aware that this delicious dude has also acted in two Harry Potter movies, “The Order of the Phoenix” and the “Goblet of Fire” as Cedric Diggory. Now enough of the info stuff let me concentrate more on the comparison of him and Daniel Radcliff. Are there any? Well both are not exactly from opposite genres of movie are they? One is from magic world while the other from Vampire city. Both fiction tales (Which apparently isn’t quite unreal for imaginative minds..Like me!)

As kids we had been used to watching and reading all the stuff that came out concerning Harry potter that J.K Rowling cooked. And we did love it more than many others of the same time. Suddenly we were entrusted upon us a much more realistic yet unreal romance-cum love affair. This to an extent seemed quite connecting to our (or at least most) fantasies!  
Stephanie Meyer had gifted to the world a new dimension of the lives of Vampires and wolves. Depicted in a manner that showed a different sphere of their lives as compared to the movies previously released !

As we approach a supposed end of a Harry Potter era with the final movie coming out later this year.  The third-part of the Twilight series ECLIPSE awaits us!    
  Does this appear as omen to Harry? Or is he planning to appear in a Twilight series movies sometime later as Robert did! This remains to be seen Daniel and Robert again in a same movie.
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  1. Sammy..the fact is that..the person who characterizes any fictional character..people take him/her in that way Daniel is always A-one as Harry Potter and Robert is too good as Edward...

    Talking of the movie sagas..Don't forget that Harry Potter is still globally famous and it's a global phenomena till date ...much higher in level than Edward-Bella's Twilight saga..and moreover after three installments of the Twilight saga...many points are found missing in the movie which were there in the book...

    So if I say something..go for HP7 PART I this November 19th..experience it in 3D version..and one more you are going to see Robert again as Cedric.. :) :) :)

  2. Just to prolong the existence of HP fame the director might have thought to make two separate issues of the movie also the book may be too fat for one movie lol!
    yeah ! Robert coming back to HP movies again is cool.It seems that he is immortal here too! The immortality might be a general charecteristic of RP keeps coming back in evry HP issue even if cursed,spelled etc.
    But good for us though.As his fans and also of DR's we wud love to see them both together in the same screen space.