Thursday, January 27, 2011

Confusing Realization

What is the definition of Superstition? Is it having to step back when a black cat crosses the road or when someone sneezes at a time when you’re about to do something important. Neither of the them seem any cause of turbulence to me. I believe when we do something very desiring to our heart we tend to consider these meaningless signs of existence.
Well, having said that I might not be a follower of my own opinion. Two days back as I was on my way to an important interview near a crowded flyover the speed of our cab got suddenly reduced by the traffic, as there were many vehicles ahead that had slowed down as well. As we went along I discovered the reason for slowing down was that a street dog had been crossing the road just after waking up from a night’s sleep had been brutally crushed by a speeding car just  a few seconds before. The dog lay in a bloody mess still alive struggling to move an inch (probably had a broken lower backbone, two broken legs one of which was so badly damaged that it had been bent in a wrong way ).

Every day in our lives we commit sins knowingly, sometimes unknowingly. I had a pity on him and went ahead with my cab as it had been almost my reporting time. Few among us call themselves animal lovers like me but do not care to help at the right time, I messed up my opportunity at the interview, missed my turn to help a dying living being. To say the least I do not know what happened to the dog afterwards, probably would have died few minutes later. But I do hope someone would have helped the creature.      

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